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Our CYS Boudoir Experience Video is Here!

We could not be more ecstatic at how wonderful this video produced by Watertown Films turned out.

We hope it will help all our future clients understand our amazing photo shoot experience as well as make them feel much more at ease!

If you love what Watertown Films did for us, definitely check out their website for more information on their amazing wedding and event cinematography.

Ashley Anastasakes - March 9, 2014 - 6:25 pm

I received in the mail a $350 gift certificate from the bridal expo I attended in January. I wanted to get more info and schedule an appt! My fiancé would love boudoir pics of me and am interested in getting started.
Thank you!
Ashley Anastasakes

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Thoughts on Pinterest

One of our photographers recently came across a great blog article called “How Pinterest Can Discourage the Creative Process for Photographers” (by Aimee Grover of Troy Grover Photographers). While the main focus is on wedding photography, there are so many parallels to boudoir photography because many of our clients are brides planning their weddings and “Pinspiration” is becoming such a popular part of the planning process.

One thing that really caught our eye was the phrase, ”When our focus is on recreating, we aren’t able to truly create.” The author of the article really points out how a photographer will spend most of their time trying to recreate the setting that drew the client to the photo – in our case, a woman might bring in an image done in a studio with a completely different lighting situation than what we work with out of the hotel suites we photograph out of – instead of considering the client herself and what the photographer thinks would really be an amazing pose for her.

We have a stellar staff of truly experienced and amazing photographers at CYS, and we want to be able to make every shoot unique to each woman we photograph. It’s great to have an idea or two, but try to keep in mind that a lot of the times you will like an image because the subject is gorgeous (think Victoria’s Secret Models or any celebrity shot you find). Of course it is difficult to look past that, but we want you to think of your favorite assets – what do you want to enhance? Or, what kind of feel do you want the photos to have – playful, sultry, classic? Consult with our photographers and let them create something special just for you. Just like with wedding photographers, CYS has a certain style, and it’s important to keep in mind when booking us for your shoot!

Kaelene - November 14, 2013 - 6:43 am

Seriously ladies,

TRUST these photographers. They are AMAZING. They know how to make each woman look spectacular. I got to see my images for the first time this week. And even untouched, I looked amazing. I kept thinking. Is that me? No fricken way. Let them work their magic. Don’t run the photoshoot with your ideas, because you will miss out on the magic that is their photography!

Cela - December 8, 2013 - 8:26 pm

Agreed! They truly, TRULY know what they’re doing and how to work the other side of the camera. Go in with an open mind and you WILL NOT be disappointed. For someone so conservative like me to do something so bold, I was for CERTAIN that I was not going to like any of these pictures because I would be showing my half naked body to these women I will probably never see again, and my soon to be husband. But after reviewing my images, I had the same comments as above; yes there were a lot I didn’t like, but when it came down to picking my images, I still had a little less than half to choose from for his book, giving him so much more than I thought I was originally going to give (and they take between 90-100 images). Trust them…you won’t regret you did!

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Tips Tuesday: Heels, Heels, Heels

We asked one of our photographers Lauren this week what her number one tip would be to women planning a boudoir shoot. Her answer: Do not discount the wonder of an amazing pair of heels to go along with your outfits.

For those who already dabble in shoe collecting or maybe even identify as having a “shoe problem”, you already are a step ahead of the game. For those who are more conservative with their shoe habits, consider this: have you ever slipped on a pair of heels and went, “Wow, my butt looks better” and, “Who knew my legs could look this long?” but then instantly thought, “Oh man, how am I going to wear these for more than 10 minutes?” Maybe this has turned you off to heels. Maybe you think heels are just “not your style”. But, think back to that first part – your butt looks perkier, your legs look longer – isn’t making all your assets look their best an important factor in your boudoir shoot? Not to mention, you really won’t have to BE in those incredibly impractical but completely fabulous heels for more than a few minutes anyway during your shoot. And what is the harm in having a spare pair of slightly unnecessary heels that you can slip on every once in a while for a special occasion or just to feel glamorous? Having a boudoir shoot done has a certain element of fantasy to it – we are bringing out the natural beauty you already have, but you are slightly playing the part of a sultry vixen (at least for an hour or so). If you are really set against not owning a pair yourself, ask around for friends that have the same size as you for a pair or two you can borrow just for your shoot. We promise it will pay off in your final images, and who doesn’t feel a little confident boost while parading around in sexy heels?

We have put together a small list of don’ts to consider when picking out your heels, however, because not all heels are created equal.

What to avoid when picking heels for a boudoir shoot:

- Wedges (trust us on this, it doesn’t work!)

- Heels shorter than 3″ high (kitten heels might as well scream “sensible”)

- Sandals

- Open toed heels with stockings

- Mismatching colors (for example, red heels with a pink outfit)

- Booties (this will just cut down your leg length)

- Mary-Janes or ankle straps (ditto on cutting down the leg length)

So, what does work?

- A classic pump is your best bet. When in doubt, get a black pair – they will go with everything!

- Nude heels will make your legs look sky-high.

- Heels adorned with glitter or rhinestones will create an awesome, sparkly effect to your images.

- Go for a pop of color! Black lingerie looks stunning when your shoes have a color pop like red or pink.

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