Tips and Tricks: Props

A quick and easy list of unique prop ideas to bring to your CYS photoshoot

Disclaimer: The use of props during your photoshoot are to enhance your images and add a level of sentimental value to your photoshoot. Do not stress too much about bringing props; your eyes, your smile and your figure are the focal point of your photoshoot.

Noteworthy Props to Consider

  • A fur coat
  • A dress you wore on your first date
  • A mesh shirt or something sheer
  • Their favorite bottle of whiskey/wine or your favorite junk food
  • Your favorite book

Props that are commonly used

  • Wedding day accessories
  • Oversized dress shirts
  • Pearls
  • Sports Jerseys
  • Military dog tags

Props you are not allowed to bring

  • A basket of puppies
  • Weapons of mass destruction
  • Your significant other

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