4 Reasons Every Woman should do a Boudoir Session

Women boudoir photo session

1. Challenge Your Self-Perception

As women, we are our own toughest critics. We constantly berate ourselves over our perceived physical flaws and imperfections. We compare ourselves to the women we see in magazines and on social media. Even with the social movement toward loving your bodies and feeling comfortable in your own skin, it’s hard to silence the voice in your head that says “You’re not good enough” or “I wish I could look like her”. News flash, ladies: You are good enough. In fact, you are more than good enough. You are perfect, flawless, and effervescent! Boudoir photography is a chance to let that light shine and teach that little voice in your head to just shut up!

2. Push Your Boundaries

For a lot of women, posing semi-clothed in front of a camera is a terrifying thought that may or may not have been involved in a nightmare of some sort. We realize that nerves and inhibitions may get in the way. A good boudoir company and photographer will make you feel comfortable even when you are shaking in your stilettos! Besides, facing a fear can be a life-changing experience. We hope that you have a Boudoir Experience that turns your fears into a powerful statement of female empowerment!

3. Shift Your Focus

We strongly believe that women, as a whole, rarely do something solely for themselves. Even if they do get to occasionally sneak away for an hour for a nail appointment or a quick break, we often end up feeling guilty about it. I’m not sure where this particular trait originates in women, but collectively we tend to put everyone else (husbands, friends, kids, co-workers, and even the UPS guy) in front of our own needs and ambitions. Boudoir gives you the opportunity to focus solely on yourself. Through the entire process of your boudoir photo shoot, you get the chance to see yourself in a whole new light; as the beautiful, sexy woman you are.

4. Celebrate Your Sexy

Everyone has their “thing”. That one thing that makes you more than unique, it makes you – You! Our mission at CYS Boudoir is to celebrate the things that make you the spectacular work of art that you were created to be. Whatever stage of life, whatever size, whatever you want to express: we want to help you capture your true beauty. We believe that every woman needs boudoir because every woman deserves to feel confident, sexy, and truly beautiful.



XOXO – Devinne