5 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Boudoir Photo Shoot

At Celebrate Your Sexy, we’re constantly working on improving our boudoir photography experience for our clients. Part of that is experiencing a boudoir photography session first hand. Meet Vee, one of our digital artists. If you’ve received photos from Celebrate Your Sexy, there’s a chance she’s retouched them for you. She had her first boudoir photography session, and told us 5 things she wishes she knew going in.

1.  “Come prepared. Prepare your outfits before your session and try them on.” Vee says one of her biggest mistakes was assuming the outfits she bought months earlier would fit perfectly. “Luckily, Amazon came to my rescue with speedy shipping.”


2.  “Remember the small details. Bring a small amount of makeup to help with touch-ups, and tissues for blotting.” Everyone gets nervous, and Vee pointed out that sometimes, nerves can take a toll on our makeup.Remember to remove old nail polish, and other unwanted accessories.


3.  “Research posing.” Vee recommends trying out different poses to get comfortable and ease your nerves. “Being familiar with the posing will make your session easier and smoother for you, as well as the photographer.” 


4. Bring accessories and meaningful props. “Once I viewed my images, they were beautiful, but I felt like I could’ve added more personalization to my session.” Vee says she definitely has more ideas now, and plans on bringing them to the table next time. 


5. ”Stretch! Definitely not a joke!” Vee says with a smile – this was the first thing she told us at the office the week after her photo shoot. “I would especially focus more on your calves, legs and back.” Stretching will help you look less stiff in your photos, and more relaxed.

Do you have questions for us? Ideas to add to our list? Comment below, call us at (800) 352 – 7664, or visit www.celebrateyoursexy.com.

Stay beautiful!