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Meet Our Professional Team of Photographers

CYS Boudoir team of professional Photographers


Having been raised by her mother, an award winning fine art photographer, Alina has a lifetime of photography experience and has been shooting professionally for over 12 years. She has found her niche as a boudoir photographer and finds creative inspiration in striving to bring out and capture the one of a kind beauty that exists in every woman. She loves fashion, travel, yoga, and DIY projects, as well as being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

CYS Boudoir professional Photographer


Aline spent many years counseling women with self-esteem issues and eating disorders as a nutrition coach. She combined her passion for photography and her desire to help women feel empowered into a fulfilling and creative career. Aline has been a full time commercial and portrait photographer for the past 3 years. She grew up in Brazil, speaks 3 languages, has traveled extensively and lived in several other countries. Today she lives in Los Angeles with her husband and 4 kids.

CYS Boudoir professional Photographer


Amber Desantis is a New York transplant living in Atlanta Georgia!
After attending the Parson’s School of Design in NYC, she moved south and began teaching Photography to HS students for over 24 years. She retired from the classroom in order to pursue her dream of being a full-time photographer, and specialize in incredibly empowering and transformative boudoir and portrait sessions for women of all ages, shapes, and colors. For her, one of the most important aspects of what she does is to help her clients to feel beautiful and worthy and feels blessed to play a role in this.

CYS Boudoir Photography

Amy S.

Amy has spent years as a professional fine art photographer, but has always had a passion for helping women see just how beautiful they truly are through boudoir photography. She loves to make people laugh and feel confident throughout the process of capturing beautiful images. When she is not in the studio, she loves to run, scrapbook, and play with her two Yorkshire terriers.

CYS Boudoir Photography

Amy B.

Born and raised on an organic vegetable farm in Portland, Oregon, Amy fell in love with photography at an early age. She loves boudoir photography and is passionate about capturing the essence of a woman’s beauty, enabling her to feel sexy and confident in every stage of her life.

CYS Boudoir Photography

Angela T.

Angela started her professional photography career in her early 20;s, but has been enjoying photography since the age of 7! She is highly experienced in portrait, boudoir, editorial, and wedding photography. She enjoys working with people and feels it is of the utmost importance to capture life’s moments. Angela enjoys swimming, golfing, snowboarding, cycling, and baking in her spare time. She is grateful for her many blessings.

CYS Boudoir Photography


Ashlee has been photographing for over ten years, during which time she completed her BFA in Photography & Digital Art. Boudoir, however, has always been her greatest passion. She finds the infinite amount of experiences & differences between people to be awe-inspiring. Aside from boudoir, Ashlee likes to dedicate her time and services to cause-worthy events in her area.

CYS Boudoir Photography


Been behind the camera for 8 years. Mother of 3 boys and one princess. Crazy football mom and carries that enthusiasm to the studio. Love cheering on women to help them feel beautiful. And I love Chocolate!

CYS Boudoir Photographer


Audrey is a portrait and fashion photographer who is passionate about showcasing the beauty in everyone. She uses her expansive skillset to create body-positive portraits that challenge narrow standards of beauty, and bring confidence to models and viewers alike. She earned a BFA in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design, and is prepared to take on photographic and social challenges large and small while adding glamorous flare.

CYS Boudoir Photography


Donae has been a professional photographer for 14 years, photographing worldwide. She is a natural people person, with a flair for creativity. Working with women is her passion, while making them feel beautiful, confident, and at ease. When Donae isn’t behind the camera you’ll find her boating, fishing, or traveling with family. Donae was born and raised in South Africa and immigrated to the U.S. fifteen years ago.

CYS Boudoir Photography


Gretchen is from Texas and has been working as a commercial and fine art photographer for over a decade, while completing her BFA in photography. The art of boudoir has been a long-term passion that has led to a rewarding career where she strives to connect and encourage women. When she’s not behind the camera, she is usually hiking with her black lab, Boo Bear, or strolling through art galleries.

CYS Boudoir Photography


Heather has been working as a professional photographer for almost 10 years, shooting everything from fashion and boudoir, to maternity and weddings. Whether she is photographing as “I Do” or serving up self-confidence through boudoir, she can be found with a smile on her face and camera in her hand! Her bubbly, personable demeanor makes her a perfect fit with CYS. She loves seeing women come out of their shell and be empowered through boudoir.

CYS Boudoir Photographers


Being a wedding photographer for the past 10 years, Ivy has a great background in photography. Expanding her love for boudoir photography has grown immensely and now she works for us! She’s a mom and wife, her family means the world to her! She loves to empower all and shows them how beautiful they are inside & out with her bubbly spirit!

CYS Boudoir team of professional Photographers

Jennifer Ann

Jennifer has been a professional photographer for over 15 years. Her passion for photography started at a very young age and has only grown through the years. When she can create an image that makes someone feel beautiful, no matter their age or size, it reminds her of why she picked up a camera to begin with.

CYS Boudoir team of professional Photographers

Jessica M

At heart I have always been creative and had love for art. I picked up my first camera in 2012 and poured my heart into my work, falling in love with portraits and people. After a few short years my work has been nationally recognized and published in many photography magazines. Among photography, design and styling are some of my passions as well as building the confidence of my clients and making them feel their best behind my lens.

CYS Boudoir Photography


Jessyka has always loved taking images of people, and has been a professional photographer in LA since graduating from Brooks Institue in 2010. Through all styles of photography, photographing women in a way that revitalizes their sense of feeling beautiful and sexy – while feeling comfortable and having fun – is most inspiring! In her free time she enjoys fun family adventures with her daughter and husband.

CYS Boudoir Photography


Not only has Jill been a professional photographer for 12 years, and ancestor of hers was a photographer who had true artistic merit and even made his own camera. Jill is happy to carry on the passion forward, focusing on portrait, fine art, and boudoir photography. She loves empowering women, building their confidence, while watching them leave with more pep in their step! When no shooting, she loves hiking and spending time with family.

CYS Boudoir team of professional Photographers


Karrie started her career as a hair dresser and makeup artist working with Los Angeles photographers and modeling agencies. These experiences influenced her desire to pursue photography, working not only in front of the camera but behind it as well. With a developed eye for design, beauty, and photography, her 10 plus years has created a fusion of fashion, beauty, and glamour for her clients.

CYS Boudoir team of professional Photographers


Kay has 7 years of experience in photography. Originally from Boston, Kay studied at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbra, California. She is currently an Oregon resident and enjoys yoga and going on hikes with her dog, Jack. She loves to make people laugh and is a huge supporter of self-love and the power of boudoir photography.

CYS Boudoir Photography

Lauren W

For the past 13 years, Lauren has been a professional photographer who has a love for boudoir portraits. When she isn’t busy making women feel beautiful, sexy, and confident, Lauren can be found with her two beautiful girls and handsome husband.


CYS Boudoir Photography


Laurie has been a professional photographer for the past 9 years. Originally from British Columbia Canada Laurie now lives in Nashville Tennessee and travels frequently for sessions. She has experience in wedding and portrait photography but boudoir is one of her favorites. She enjoys working with women and loves how empowering and self confidence boosting boudoir is for women of all ages. In her free time she enjoys hiking, traveling and live music.

CYS Boudoir team of professional Photographers


Maria is a freelance photographer based in New York City. She has dedicated over 17 years to create and enhance beautiful images in the areas of commercial and portraiture photography. Currently, she is dedicated to enhancing her craft in the area of boudoir photography. She has worked for Celebrate Your Sexy since August 2017. She values working with different clients and creating a peaceful and professional atmosphere where women feel secure and open to themselves.

CYS Boudoir Photography


Megan is about to celebrate her 20th year behind the camera! During that time, her work has always been about connection, ranging from album covers to fine art portraiture digitally displayed at the Louvre in Paris. Her deep passion for making women look and feel their best shows especially well in her boudoir work. In her free time you can find her traveling, cooking, making jewelry, or power lifting.

CYS Boudoir Photography


Michelle started her photography in High School, where she worked at a local studio learning technical skills in photography and photoshop. She attend a local Art School. Shortly after Graduation she found her niche in Boudoir and Wedding photography as it’s a beautiful art, and she loves showing women just how beautiful they are! When Michelle isn’t photographing she can be found teaching yoga around the city, jumping into a waterfall at one of Tennessee’s many beautiful falls, studying the enneagram at a local coffee shop or volunteering at local safe houses for human trafficking survivors.

CYS Boudoir team of professional Photographers


With over 12 years’ experience as a professional photographer, Ritz’ mission is to create not just beautiful portraits,but a remarkable experience as well. After building an extensive portfolio, Ritz added boudoir to her repertoire and she couldn’t be happier. As a woman, Ritz understands that boudoir photography is a personal journey for each woman; a journey toward selfconfidence, letting her inner beauty shine, and embracing her version of beautiful in its truest form.

CYS Boudoir Photography


Sariah has worked as a professional photographer for just over a decade, during which time she has focused her creative direction toward boudoir. She came to CYS as a client and loves to connect with the women she photographs from that shared experience. She enjoys spending her free time in the wilderness with her husband and daughter, hiking, camping, skiing, and forest foraging – always with a camera by her side.

CYS Boudoir Photography


Susan received her AAS in Professional Photography in 2005. After years of working in different professional quality print labs, she turned pro in 2012. Throughout her photography career, she learned her strength was in capturing the sexier side of her subjects. She takes pride in providing women with gorgeous portraits of themselves in hopes that it can build self-confidence, inner strength, and an everlasting reminder of their beauty.

CYS Boudoir Photographer


I lived in Asia for ten years working as a travel photographer and photojournalist. After moving back to the United States, I lived in New York working as an editorial photographer. I create portraits of subjects that bring out what makes them unique and is a testament to what they do. This involves getting to know my subject and shooting them in their environment or creating an environment that communicates to the viewer what they do and who they are. I believe a photo shoot is a collaboration between me and the client. I would HATE to be that photographer who took a bad picture of you, so I make sure you don’t leave the photo session until you are happy with the images!