CYS Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes with Bailey

Bailey's boudoir image

This was Bailey’s favorite photo of her entire photoshoot.


What made you want to do a boudoir photo shoot?

I’m getting married in June, and I’ve worked here for so long that I’ve worked in every single department here! I started in customer service, then sales, I was the Nighttime Supervisor, Assistant Account Manager, I’ve even done retouching, (editing client photographs) and now I work in production as Production Coordinator.

I have talked to people before their sessions, after their sessions, and I knew everything about the process but I had never done it myself. Sometimes I would tell clients, “you were brave, not me,” but I realized that I wanted my turn too!

What was the boudoir experience like?

I was really nervous. People would probably assume that because I work here that it would be really easy for me, but I think it actually made it harder. I knew all the furniture, I had seen other poses on them and kept thinking, “oh, should I do this pose I saw or that one?” I realized I was thinking too much and just decided to roll with it.

How was it working with a photographer?

I told the photographer, “Look, I respect you as an artist, you’re the one that knows what you’re doing,” so I let her do her thing. She would tell me what to do and sometimes I would get it, other times she would say “Can I adjust you,” and she would help me with the pose. Fifteen minutes per outfit doesn’t seem so long, but really it is! I had my ideas of what I definitely wanted to do, and she had a really good eye for what would be cohesive.

She was good about directions: “close your eyes,” and then, “open your eyes and smile,” or “follow my eyes…” She put some music on, asked me what my preference was, adjusted the temperature of the room for me, and she was really attentive – everything was comfortable.


Bailey's wedding boudoir photo

Like Bailey, many brides like to bring wedding items to their photo shoot.


How did you prepare for your photo shoot?

I did the basic things, I got my nails done, I got my ring cleaned…I ordered my outfits really far in advance in case I had to do shopping or exchanging. The night before I made sure I got plenty of sleep. I didn’t want to have any unreal expectations, going in as an employee. Realistically, you just have to trust the photographer – it’s their job!

What tips do you have for other ladies who are nervous for their photo shoot?

STRETCH! Especially if you’re not athletic and don’t work out – my back was sore! You see the poses (in the photographs) and they look so normal. But, you have to hold your body in certain ways and it’s really a workout!


“Try to be positive and look forward to seeing your images. Go in expecting a positive boudoir experience, because you are going to get one. It’s just about what you get out of it.”


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