Banish your Doubts & Body Issues

We live in a world that has placed beauty inside of a box – a box with unattainable expectations and pressure. After all, beauty cannot be defined by size or color; it cannot be stereotyped or labeled. Women are constantly judged based on their clothes, their figure, their hair, their make-up… As females, it’s easy to be consumed by self-doubt and insecurity. We are here to remind you that you are ENOUGH! Not just on your skinny days, your good hair days, after you “get in shape” – as you are right now. With this in mind, never forget to stay positive, notice the good things not the flaws in your body. You are beautiful and that alone is a reason to celebrate. In other words, stop trying to fit into that tiny, pre-defined box society has created. Instead, search for confidence in the perfect body you already have.

“We are here to remind you that you are enough!”

We hope you show up to your photo shoot feeling confident and sexy – if not, we have some of the top photographers in the nation there to remind you of just how gorgeous you are. Particularly we strive to capture the unique beauty we see in each woman we photograph, in hopes that you will see yourself from a new perspective. Especially one that is free of judgment and full of encouragement and positivity.

XO – Ashleigh

Banish your Doubts & Body Issues stay positive and love your natural beauty quote