Your Personal Boudoir Savings Account

Booty Bank is an amazing way to save up for your boudoir products in a way that doesn’t break the bank! Booty Bank allows you to easily set aside funds to use toward the purchase of your gorgeous boudoir images and products. While we do offer generous layaway plans, we can’t ship your products until your final payment has been made. Having dollars waiting for you in your Booty Bank allows you to pay for your dream boudoir collection faster, which means you receive your products faster!

All the Juicy Details…

Determine How Much
You’d Like to Save
We recommend that clients save up to $1,500 so they have enough funds available to invest in their favorite boudoir images and products. However, the amount is up to you – save as much or as little as you want! STEP 1
Determine How Much
You’d Like to Deposit
A minimum $55 deposit is required to start your Booty Bank account and future deposits will be a minimum of $55, but any amount over that is up to you! STEP 2
Customize Your Personal
Payment Plan
Once you’ve placed your deposit, you can choose between monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly scheduled payments for the remaining balance. STEP 3
Now for the fun part – book your boudoir session and begin planning! With the Booty Bank started, you’ll be able to attend your session prepared and stress-free.

Who’s eligible to use the Booty Bank?

The Booty Bank is available to ALL our clients! We believe your boudoir process should be as unique as you are, and this is no exception. A boudoir session with Celebrate Your Sexy is a fun, luxurious, and empowering once-in-a-lifetime experience. We want to make the planning and prep for your boudoir session with us as easy and stress-free as possible!

How do I benefit from investing in the Booty Bank?

This is the perfect companion for all our budget-savvy ladies. The Booty Bank allows you to do something extra special for yourself without a large, upfront investment. By planning and saving ahead of time, you’ll be able to purchase the Kiss Designer Album of your dreams, customize a stunning Gallery Wrap for your home, and treat yourself or your special someone to a Little Black Book! Say goodbye to buyer’s guilt and hello to your dream collection!

Are payments refundable?

Because we want to ensure you have the funds set aside to invest in your sexy images, your deposits or any remainder can be refunded after your viewing and ordering appointment.

How do I get started?

Ready to start saving for your dream boudoir collection? Call us at (800) 352-7664! Our team is ready to get your account set-up and your session scheduled. We can’t wait to work with you!