Boudoir Confessions: No more excuses

Hey Dolls,

So I have a confession to make. I’ve been working for Celebrate Your Sexy for a year and a half and…I haven’t done a boudoir session yet. There, cat’s out of the bag! You might be thinking, “You have an amazing opportunity, working for CYS, to have your very own session done and YOU STILL WON’T DO IT. Why?” For the same reasons many of you beautiful ladies haven’t done one yet: “This isn’t a good time for me.”, “I’m single, I don’t have anyone to do it for.”, “I need to lose weight first.”, “I don’t want my coworkers to see them.” Maybe not all of you have that last concern, but I know that many of you out there feel the same way I do. Bottom line is, I’m scared. Terrified actually. It’s a very vulnerable thing to have your biggest insecurities all exposed for the camera’s lens to see. But, I REALLY want to do one. So let’s tackle these objections together.


Objection #1: This isn’t a good time for me

JUST DO IT. I’ve heard so many of our clients say this over and over. It’s so easy to say it, a lot harder to actually just do it. It’s not like the photographer’s waiting for you in the other room and you have to do it right this second, but at least get the process started. Find a date and stick to it. Mark it on your calendar and then plan for it. I always find that if I plan for something and prepare well, it’s always easier to commit to it because I feel ready for it. When the time comes, being prepared will help calm your nerves.

Objection #2: I’m single, I don’t have anyone to do it for

For the first time in my life, I’m okay with being single. Yes, even with Valentine’s Day coming up. You might not be totally there yet, and that’s perfectly okay. Bottom line: You don’t need to do this for someone else. Do this for you. You deserve it. Imagine a day where you get the full model experience. Start with a manicure and pedicure, get your hair and makeup done, buy yourself some bomb lingerie and a new pair of heels and then go to your own private photo shoot with a professional photographer. It’s guaranteed to put some pep in your step.

Objection #3: I need to lose weight first

I’ve said this to myself every day since I was 10. Even at 120 lbs. and lean, I thought I weighed too much. Why? Because, like most women, I’ve always struggled to believe that I am good enough just the way I am. That’s why I wasn’t happy at 120 lbs., that’s why I won’t be happy even if I do lose weight and look like an Instagram model. So until I accept that I am GOOD ENOUGH at any size or weight, I’ll never be satisfied. Choose to change the way you think about it. Instead of “I need to lose weight” think “I should treat my body right today”. Go to that new yoga class, take your dog on a longer jog today, eat the kale (unless you hate kale, then don’t eat the kale). But do it because it makes you feel good, not because you “need” to. If you feel good, you’ll look good; and it will show in your photo shoot.

Objection #4: I don’t want my co-workers to see them

This one was kind of a joke, but honestly, still a concern. Bottom line, I really shouldn’t be nervous about my coworkers seeing them, because that’s what we do all day, every day. But maybe you’re concerned about what your significant other will think, or your friends. Don’t be. The boudoir experience isn’t about them, it’s about you. And if you’re showing people that already love you, then I can guarantee that they will love the finished product too.

So, I’m all out of excuses. Hopefully you are too. And hopefully we’ll see you at a session sometime soon. I’ve set mine for July for my birthday. I’m thinking glitter and confetti everywhere.

Until then, I’ll be planning and preparing for my Luxe Boudoir Session and I promise to keep you updated!