Miss D’s Story: Celebrating her Strength

Hi Ladies, Kori K. here. I wanted you all to meet Miss D., whose bravery, strength, and grace inspired us to celebrate strength in the month of October. Here is her story:

Miss D shared the story of her fight against breast cancer during her viewing and ordering appoinment, today we want to celebrate her strength: I decided to do a boudoir shoot after finding out I had stage 2 breast cancer in May of this year… at 28 knowing you are not only going to be faced with chemo which inevitably means losing your hair but that at the end of all, that I’d be losing my breasts to a bilateral mastectomy. I did my shoot between my 6th and 7th chemo and was super nervous but my photographer was awesome and very accommodating to my requests. My husband and I will have a few fun pictures to look back on over the years to remind us that even during this rough time there was still a lot of happiness and strength in me.


I was Miss D.’s image consultant for her Viewing and Ordering Appointment and right off the bat I knew she was going to be fun to work with, she was spunky, sweet, and her laugh was contagious. It started off like any other Viewing and Ordering Appointment, until I asked: “are you doing this for someone special, or just for yourself?” She then began telling me her inspiring story.  I was in awe that this 28-year-old woman was between her last two rounds of chemotherapy for breast cancer AND looking flawless during her photo shoot. 

She talked with such strength and poise it ignited something within me. I shared Miss B.’s story with the rest of the CYS team. After that, we began to talk about starting a campaign with our company to benefit anyone who has been affected by breast cancer. When Miss D agreed to be our feature for the Month of October, I was ecstatic. What’s more, we all fell in love with the image we are featuring of her. After all, it is filled with such grace and beauty it’s hard to not be captivated by it.

Join us to celebrate women in their fight against cancer

We are so appreciative to Miss D for allowing us to feature her image and her story this month. We hope that it has inspired you too. There are three different ways to join in on our celebration of strength:

  1. If you are a survivor of or currently fighting breast cancer, call us to schedule your FREE luxe boudoir session.
  2. If you are a supporter, fighter, or survivor a portion of the revenue from every session this month will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
  3. Share this with your friends or on your social media pages to raise awareness about these amazing specials.


Celebrate Strength. Celebrate You. Celebrate Your Sexy.

XOXO – Kori K.