CYS Luxe Boudoir Session

Here is a look at what happens before a client’s session!

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  1. Book their session
    1. Deluxe Boudoir Photo Package
    2. Groupon/Living Social Client
    3. Organic Lead – Specials
  2. Tips and Tricks Email
  3. 6 Week Reminder Email
  4. 4 Week Reminder Email
  5. 2 Week Reminder Email
  6. Final Details Email
  7. Final Phone Call to Confirm
  8. Text from Photographer


  1. Booking their session
    1. The client always has to call to book their session so that we can be sure to fill them in on all the information that they need to know before their session.
      1. Deluxe Boudoir Photo Package: They have already received an email, phone call, text message, or all three letting them know that they’ve won a package from a bridal show or women’s expo. We congratulate them on winning the package, re-iterate everything that is included, outline the process, fill them in on everything they need to know about the photo shoot. We then book them in for their session and let them know that they will be getting a series of VERY IMPORTANT emails within the upcoming weeks.
      2. Groupon Client: They’ve already purchased a package on Groupon (View our deals HERE). We re-iterate everything that is included, outline the process, fill them in on everything they need to know about the photo shoot. We then book them in for their session and let them know that they will be getting a series of VERY IMPORTANT emails within the upcoming weeks.
      3. Organic Lead: Same process as Groupon or LS Client
  2. Tips and Tricks Email
    1. Here is exactly what is in their email:
      1. Thank you for booking your session!

        Hello [[tblClients.fldName1]],
            Thank you for booking your session on [[tblSessions.fldPrimarySesDate]] at [[tblSessions.fldStart]]!  We look forward to working with you and know you will have a fabulous time at your shoot. We have included some tips and tricks below to help you prepare for your session.
            Don’t forget to check our website and blog at leading up to your appointment for weekly tips and ideas. We also have a video to showcase what a photo shoot is like at CYS featuring an interview with one of our amazing photographers! Watch the Video here.
        Pricing and Products

        We know this is an once-in-a-lifetime experience! We want to be upfront about products and pricing, and believe this is a major part of preparing for your Boudoir experience. Below you will see our current pricing model. A list of our gorgeous products can be found on our Products Page. Keep in mind that digital files must be purchased before purchasing a product.

        As photography professionals, we understand how important this decision is to you and that it should not be rushed. After your session, give us a call to schedule aviewing and ordering appointment. The viewing and ordering appointment lasts about an hour and is done online with one of our outstanding image consultants. They will help guide you through the selection of your images and explain how our production process works. They will also help you create the perfect package for you and explain our different payment plan options.

        Final Details

           We will be sending a confirmation email a few days before your appointment with your photographer’s name, phone number and location. If you do not receive this at least two days before your appointment, please give us a call.

                  If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to call us at 509-332-2803
        8 am – 8 pm PST Monday-Thursday or 8 am – 5 pm PST Friday. We highly recommend browsing through our Policy page for information on rescheduling or ourFAQ page for quick answers about the experience!
  3. 6 Week Reminder Email
    1. Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.
      Just a friendly reminder that your photo shoot is quickly approaching! Now might be a great time to start hunting for the perfect outfits for your session.

      Click the “Lingerie Guide” button below to visit our Style Guide for our lingerie tips and tricks!

      Keep in mind that you get 4 wardrobe changes, so don’t be afraid to mix it up! Fun and flirty or sultry and seductive; most importantly, just be yourself! Wear whatever makes you feel confident and sexy. We always recommend bringing at least one outfit that is totally outside your comfort zone. It may end up being your favorite look!
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  4. 4 Week Reminder
    1. Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.
      Just a friendly reminder that your photo shoot is only a month away! Have you scheduled your hair and makeup appointment yet?

      Click the “Hair and Makeup” Button below for Boudoir Inspiration!

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  5. 2 Week Reminder

      Hello [[tblClients.fldName1]]!

      Are you ready for your appointment on [[tblSessions.fldPrimarySesDate]] at [[tblSessions.fldSessionStartTime]]? Our photographer is ready, plans are made, and she is so excited to work with you

      Please take a moment to read over your Tips & Tricks email, so that you can be well prepared for your session with Celebrate Your Sexy. Feel free to check out our FAQ or Policies page online to refresh your memory on specific session details.

      You can expect an email with your final details early next week, so keep an eye out for that. If you don’t receive it within two days of your session, please call us.

      Please give us a call or email us if you have any questions. See you soon!

      Have a fabulous day,

      The CYS Team


  6. Final Details Email
    1. It’s Finally Here!Hi [First Name],We are so excited to see you this weekend! Your upcoming private photo session will be held on [Session Date] at [Start Time].Please click the link to confirm your photo session and view the location and photographer: you arrive at the photo shoot location, please be sure to give your photographer a call as soon as you arrive, and she will come down to meet you at the entrance or lobby.

      IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE: While we do photograph out of various high end hotels and commercial buildings around the country, we are NOT affiliated in any way with those entities. Due to this and the busyness of the hotels and buildings that we shoot in, we have been asked by management that our clients NOT contact the front desk or concierge of the facility when you arrive. The best way to avoid any confusion regarding your photo shoot, is to contact your photographer directly at the number provided to you.

      We do recommend arriving early to give yourself time for finding parking as well as to give you the opportunity to come in feeling refreshed and relaxed. Since we generally book our appointments back-to-back, we want to be sure to start on time, to ensure that we can give you our full attention and creativity in the time space allotted with your photographer. If you arrive late, this will limit the amount of images we can do for you, so please don’t be late!

      If you have not already done so, PLEASE READ the Tips & Tricks email prior to your photo shoot. We want to make sure you are fully prepared for your photo shoot, as we have set your appointment time aside exclusively for you. If you have any questions or comments, please give our office a call at (509) 332-2803, and one of our friendly consultants will be happy to help. Most importantly, have fun at your photo shoot!

      The CYS Team

  7. Final Details Call
    1. After they receive this email, Stratus tells us whether they have clicked the link to confirm their session or not. If they have not clicked on the confirmation link, we call them and ask if they have received their Final Details email or not. If they have not, we send it to them again and also give them the information verbally over the phone.
  8. Photographer Text
    1. You then text the client (again confirming the session time and date) and answer any questions they may have!