CYS Production

Here’s what happens after their session!


Viewing and Ordering Appt.

  1. Please call us to book your VO
    1. Can’t wait to see your images?
      Neither can we!
      We hope you had a wonderful time at your session this past weekend! We are so excited to show you the gorgeous images you’ve created. If you have not done so already, please give us a call to schedule your viewing and ordering appointment and to let us know how your session was!
  2. They schedule their viewing – typically it’s a two week wait time for them to view their images.
  3. We edit the images down to 80-120 digital files
  4. Viewing and Ordering Appt.
    1. We sell as many of your beautiful images as we can
    2. We then go over retouching. (See below for details on retouching)
  5. Production
    1. From the date of the viewing and ordering appointment it takes 8 weeks for them to receive their products and images. UNLESS:
      1. Rush Fees – they will get them in 2 or 4 weeks (whichever they pay for)
      2. Payment Plans – they won’t get anything until the invoice is paid in full
    2. We edit, resize, create products and prepare everything for production.
    3. It ships out!
    4. Client is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.


  1. 3 Levels of retouching
    1. Level 1- Designed to be the most basic of retouching. This should take you little to no time to do.Covers: MINOR Skin Smoothing:We are running Portraiture on our clients using the Low, Medium or High settings in Portraiture.

      This setting in Portraiture depends on the client’s skin texture. I default to Medium most often

      This is on a Separate Layer, Lowered to an Opacity of about 40%, this also depends on client

      Be Flexible with this but DON’T OVER SMOOTH, keep natural skin texture

      Minor Skin Blemishes: on the entire Body

      Pimples, discoloration, minor scars,

      Bruise Removal on Entire Body

    2. Level 2- Designed to be more precise for skin smoothing and over all skin correction Covers: Bruise Removal, Blemishes on Entire Body (much like previous retouching standards)Enhanced Skin Smoothing:  Portraiture used to smooth and soften skin, this DEPENDS ON CLIENT’S SKIN TEXTURE

      Eyes: Brighten and sharpen the eyes to enhance them, do not do too much

      Removes/Softens: Stretch Marks, Cellulite, Eye Bags & Redeye, Forehead Wrinkles, Scar Removal, Stray Hairs/Fly away Hairs

      **Remember to be Age sensitive in this level of retouching as well.

       Removal of Light Sockets/Light Switches

    3. Level 3- Designed to be the most extensive retouching and will take more time. Covers: All items covered in Level 1 & 2. Enhanced Skin Smoothing.                 Tan Lines: meaning removed or blended in. 

                     Body Sculpting: Reshaping of any part of the body.

      Meaning: Sliming of Face, Arms, Thighs, Butt, etc.

      Filling in or making them appear larger in the body parts listed above and etc. 

      Bra Fills (filling or adjusting breast to fit a bra shape)

      Tattoo Removal: Removing of tattoos on the body when asked.

      Large Inanimate Object Removal: Meaning other objects that make into the photograph, such as cords, tables/chairs/dooraways/purses/phones/kranes etc