A feeling you can carry with you

Think back to your high school days and try to remember your senior prom. When you look back at the pictures from that day, all of the emotions flood back to you – the stress of finding the perfect dress, being nervous when the boys finally show up, being annoyed that your parents were taking a million pictures, and the love you felt while you were staring into your date’s eyes during the slow songs.

Looking at images from a significant moment in your life will bring back the feelings you had. It’s what makes photography so special. That’s exactly what happens when you look back on your boudoir images! You’ll remember how sexy you felt, the confidence you had, why you did it, who you did it for, and all those positive vibes you had when you finished your shoot.

Carry a positive feeling: Happiness is and inside job

For example, I recently had a client who had her fiance break off their engagement two months before the wedding. She decided to do her boudoir shoot strictly as a confidence booster and was so excited to see her images. When we started talking about products, she told me she wanted an Accordion Mini Book. She explained, “The best thing was the confidence I felt during my shoot, I want to have something I can literally carry around with me in my purse to remind me of that special time.”

No one I know carries around images from their prom, but it’s awesome knowing that a session someone did with us is inspiring enough to hold onto and look at every single day. So I’ll leave you with this thought, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

XOXO- Kori


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