Hair and Makeup Inspiration

boudoir make up ideas

“Your makeup should never precede you, but walk with you.” – Estee Lauder

The lens of a camera captures your face different than the way your eyes do when you look at yourself in the mirror. This is why it is important to do your hair and makeup for your boudoir photo shoot a little differently than you normally would. Keep reading to find inspiration and look stunning in your boudoir images.

If a professional artist is doing your hair and makeup:

  • Be specific: bring in multiple images that demonstrate exactly how you want your flawless face to look.
  • Be You: Do not try something that is drastically different for the first time

boudoir photography hair tips

If you are channeling your inner beauty guru:

  • Face: Apply a fuller coverage, matte foundation to create a smooth skin tone. Be sure that the color matches your body and is blended evenly. Top it off with a translucent powder for a flawless finish!
  • Cheeks: The camera washes out about 40% of color, so it is beneficial to apply a little more blush or bronzer than you usually do. Also, it never hurts to do some research on Youtube and watch ‘How To’ videos on contouring.
  • Eyes: Whether you are going for a more dramatic or natural look, fake eyelashes do wonders! They accentuate your eyes, giving you a brighter and more lively appearance. Don’t be afraid to play up your eyes, they are the focus of your boudoir images.
  • Lips: For you bolder women, own it! The bright colors add warmth to your face and draw attention to your pout perfectly. You can change your lipstick each time you do an outfit change, have fun with it! If you are a woman who goes for a more natural look, it is still important to add a clear gloss or color that is only a couple shades darker than your natural color to give your lips that alluring dimension. Muah!
  • Hair: It is important not to limit yourself to just one hairstyle during your boudoir photo shoot. Come to the session in a hairstyle that you can easily pin back, put up, and take down. You want to give yourself a variety of options in case one style isn’t capturing on camera how you imagined it would. In addition, voluminous hair tends to photograph better, so apply a dry shampoo to your roots for some extra lift and tease your hair as needed.
  • Nails: Paint them. Chipped nails on camera stick out like a sore thumb (haha get it?)