Halloween Costume Guide 2019

Originally the ancient Celtic festival called Samhain,’ which translates to ‘summer’s end,’ Halloween has been celebrated across the world for centuries. The Druids celebrated this holiday by lighting huge bonfires, in hopes the dimming sun wouldn’t vanish. The Celts danced around the fires to keep evil spirits away, but left their doors open, hoping the spirits of their loved ones might join them at the hearth. 

We love giving our beautiful clients tips and tricks on lingerie, makeup, and hair, so why not costumes? Here are some ideas our team put together to get you thinking ahead for Halloween!

Pop Star

Always a classic Halloween costume, this year’s biggest stars are sure to make for a fun night out. Grab your cat ears or a babydoll tartan dress for’ Artist of the Year’ Ariana Grande, throw an acoustic guitar over your shoulder and rock blonde bangs for Taylor Swift, or get a glitzy red gown to look like Lizzo.


It’s been a breakout few years for lady heroines on the silver screen, and we say, it’s about damn time! Online retailers have no shortage of costume options for Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Wonder Woman, and more. Whether your costume budget is on the low end or the high end, you’re sure to find a superhero in your style. 


Television & Film

The Addams Family animated feature is set for a mid October premiere, providing classic Halloween costume inspiration. Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones, Scooby Doo, Stranger Things, Harry Potter…this list could go on forever! Whether you’re making your costume yourself, or ordering online, there are lots of fun characters to choose from when it comes to the silver screen.

Video Games

Gaming is more popular than ever, and there are a range of costumes to pick from games old and new. Consider Kitana from Mortal Kombat, or one of your favorite Overwatch characters like Mercy. Lara Croft is another badass female video game heroine, and you could put together her costume with a few items from your local thrift store. Add a little dirt, and voila! 

Sci Fi

Star Wars characters are a surefire hit. If you’re more of a tomboy, go with Rey, or there’s the sexy stormtrooper (with heels!). Slave Leia is always a popular choice, as long as you’re partying somewhere warm! Star Trek outfits are always recognizable and easy for coordinating outfits with couples or groups. 

Halloween 101

A hippie, a french maid, a devil, a vampire, a pirate, a zombie bride…The classic costumes are classic for a reason! Dial up the quirky fun with an inflatable costume, like a unicorn or dinosaur

Extra Girly

A Disney Princess is always a recognizable go to costume, and with all the Disney remakes lately, these ladies aren’t going anywhere. Minnie Mouse, a ballerina, and angel, or a fairy are other classic girly choices. Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, and a 1920’s Flapper are some more great options for girly glamour. 

Happy Halloween from Celebrate Your Sexy!