Keep your Head, Heels, and Standards High

You know that feeling you get when you put on your favorite pair of heels? That feeling that lifts you, literally and figuratively. Strolling down the street, listening to smart noise the heels make against the concrete. Walking into the office and feeling confident that you are ready to take on any task the day has to bring. Strutting into the hottest club downtown and feeling like the entire room has their eyes on you.

Why do heels make us feel so dang good? Well, there is actually some science to the reason we feel that way! Heels make us throw our shoulders back and keep our head up – a proven powerhouse stance. So when we wear a pair of heels, we literally hold our head higher. And because proper posture and positive body language are directly correlated to mood, we are more likely to think positive thoughts.

Our team firmly believes in the power of heels. Not only what they can do so for you, but what a difference they can make in attributing to the overall style of your images. So, when you’re considering the look you want to achieve with your boudoir session, remember to think about everything from head to heels.

Keep your Head, Heels, and Standards High with the right shoes for your boudoir photo shoot

The girl next door

Bare feet or Knee-High Socks – Going for a natural look? Bare feet are the way to go! Pair those bare piggies with just a bed sheet and you’ve got the perfect natural look. Or add knee-high socks for a cozy touch. The Audrey: Kitten Heels – If you’re going for a classic look featuring high-waisted lingerie and pearls, kitten heels are a great addition to your look. Pair those with a long stem cigarette holder and an up-do and you’re practically eating breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The pin-up

Pumps – Everyone wears them, so put your unique style into them! Hint: A nice pointed toe tend to make your legs look miles long! Incorporate a pop of color to mix things up.

The modern classic

Stilettos – Similar to the pump, but the skinner heel helps accentuate your assets-if you know what I mean. Grab a pair of black or nude patent leather pumps to pair with any of your outfits for some extra va-va-voom.

The femme fatale

Platforms – Trying to walk in platforms in public is like spotting a rare Siberian tiger roaming downtown New York; most likely going to end in disaster. Frankly, I don’t know how anyone could walk in then in real life, but for those of us who are vertically challenged, they can add a significant amount of height. Plus, you’ll be doing a minimal amount of walking in them during your photo shoot.



With the holidays just around the corner, there is no better time to treat yourself to a brand new pair of gorgeous heels! I would love nothing more than to stroll down the streets of New York, walk into the nearest shoe store, walk out, bag in hand with that famous Louboutin label on the front. Totally jealous of you ladies who can, but most of us can’t. And that’s totally okay!

In boudoir, it’s not all about the labels or the color on the bottom of your shoe, it’s about accentuating your assets and showing off who you truly are. We are beautiful and accomplished, we are invincible; especially in our favorite pair of heels.

Celebrate style. Celebrate you. Celebrate Your Sexy.

Xoxo, Kori K.

“Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.”