Miss C – The Survivor

Miss C's Inspiring Story as a Survivor

Miss C truly inspired us and I’m so thankful she has allowed us to share her amazing story and images on our blog! Her strength and positive out-look on life is truly inspiring. Here’s what she had to say about her CYS experience:

Originally this was a last minute Groupon purchase. The past year, I have battled Breast Cancer. I had a 12-hour surgery, radical mastectomy with immediate fat reconstruction. Basically, I had not only scars on my breasts, but a wicked abdominal scar also. When my shoot was approaching, I told my wonderful husband. He said, lets make a full day and evening out of it. It was at a beautiful hotel in Philadelphia and Maria, my photographer, could not have been nicer. Within two minutes, she had me feeling confident and free. I felt beautiful and had the time of my life!!”

“For whatever reasons, ladies EXPERIENCE THIS!!! Especially if you’re thinking its totally out of your comfort zone. Every woman is beautiful. Look at yourself through a professional photographers lens. You will experience a spiritual change. Sexiness to me is CONFIDENCE, ACCEPTANCE, AND SERENITY. It took me a long time after having my body literally torn apart to realize this.”

“Thank you CYS Staff. All of you have changed my life!!!”

Join us and Miss C in our fight

To celebrate Miss C, and the many other women who are or have fought breast cancer, we have an amazing special this month:

  1. If you are a survivor of or currently fighting breast cancer, call us to schedule your FREE Luxe Boudoir Photo Session.
  2. If you are a supporter, fighter, or survivor, a portion of the revenue from every session this month will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
  3. Share this with your friends or on your social media pages to raise awareness about these amazing specials.

Call us at (800)-352-7664 if you’d like to learn more about.

XO – Ashleigh