Am I Too Old for a Boudoir Shoot?

Is there a perfect age for boudoir? The answer is a definite, NO! Our oldest client to date did a boudoir photo shoot to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary. She is 75! And she rocked her shoot with her husband’s cowboy hat and a cute little red corset. I wish she had given permission to show her images, but the fact that she was comfortable in her 75-year-old skin was enough to make my heart smile. There is a sophisticated beauty in a woman who is confident with her body no matter what her age.

At Celebrate Your Sexy you are able to bring four different sexy outfits. Keep in mind that not all outfits need to be lingerie. If you want to bring a lovely evening gown or cocktail dress to begin your boudoir photo shoot, it is completely up to you. You set the tone! Going from a little more conservative to more daring allows you to loosen up and get a little more comfortable as the photo shoot progresses. Our gallery has so many examples of women of different ages that prove that no matter your age you will look gorgeous.

Am I Too Old for a Boudoir Shoot?

Creating fun prop style outfits is another way to put a little pizzazz into your images. From a cowboy hat and boots to a long silky robe, putting time and effort into what type of outfits you feel comfortable in will help make your photo shoot experience a complete success.

Age should not bother you, our older client here is gorgeous


Some women view their stretch marks as a beautiful reminder of bringing forth life into this world. While others would love the tummy of their youth. If you want to show your midsection, bring a matching bra and panty set. But, if you want to cover up, one of the best ways is to purchase a corset. Again, it is your photo shoot, so wear what you feel comfortable in.

Just remember, whether you are 25 or 75, we are all women who can rock a boudoir photo shoot because we are sexy at any age!