Photographer Perspective: Miss C

Miss C is one of those people who is just overflowing with charisma. When she first arrived at our shoot she ran to the window, “Look at that view!”, she cooed over the Atlanta skyline. She quickly whipped out her phone to take a picture of us in front of the cityscape, as if we had always been close friends. She began showing me her outfits & I appreciated the diversity in her wardrobe- an elegant lace dress, a colorful purple bra+panty set, a floral kimono & an edgy mesh bikini. I could see how each outfit complimented a different facet of her personality. She showed me inspiration photos of Rihanna, “I love how powerful she looks!” We began discussing the intention behind her shoot & Miss C revealed that she had been battling Kidney Disease. After several surgeries she finally had to receive a kidney transplant. As a result she was left with scars from the operations & pseudoaneurysms (bumps) from her dialysis treatment. She confessed she used to be really self conscious about showing off her body because of the wounds leftover from these procedures but that she was finally sick of hating these aspects of herself. Miss C was ready to embrace her body after everything she had been through, it was time to celebrate her sexy!

As we started our shoot I could see Miss C was shy about uncovering her skin beneath her robe, but I admired her bravery as she pushed herself out of her comfort zone & truly embraced the experience as a new beginning for self acceptance. Even though she was nervous, Miss C was never timid about letting out a laugh & letting her larger than life personality shine as we eased our way through each set of poses. I shared glimpses of photos with Miss C & she excitedly exclaimed, “Who is she!?” as she saw herself from a new perspective captured in front of my lens. Near the end of our shoot Miss C shared that she no longer hated her scars, she understood that they were battle wounds- not a sign of weakness but a sign of immense strength after overcoming some of life’s most difficult obstacles. Miss C has a beautiful body, but the sexiest part about her was her resilience to love herself against all odds.

XOXO – Madelyn, a CYS Photographer

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