Photographer’s Perspective: Fly Solo or Bring a Friend?

This is an important question when it comes to both your comfort and the creative direction of your upcoming boudoir shoot with Celebrate Your Sexy. It is also a question that only you will be able to answer since companionship at a boudoir shoot is a very personal and individual decision. Let’s spend some time here exploring if companionship is right for you during your boudoir session and who to ask.

First, decide which personality type you are. Are you an independent or codependent personality type? Independents tend to prefer flying solo, they revel in the opportunity to do something by themselves, for themselves. Codependents tend to seek companionship and need the presence of the familiar to feel comfortable and have fun. In our opinion, you should only bring a friend if you think it will enhance your boudoir experience.

If you decide to bring a friend, here are some dos and don’ts to consider before asking her:

DO: Bring a friend who can provide you needed support and courage during your session, someone who will be your boudoir cheerleader and sidekick.

DO: Ask a friend who will make you laugh, tell you how beautiful you are, and remind you of why you’re doing this for yourself.

DO: Choose a creative friend who will help with the construction of poses, make you feel glamourous, and knows how to pump you up. It is always helpful to have an extra set of hands to help you lace up the back of your corset or clip your garter into your stockings. (If you come solo, your photographer would love to help you with this.)

DON’T: Ask a friend who comes across as critical in their communication style. You want to select a friend that is authentic, but also diplomatic in how they interact with you.

DON’T: Select someone who will act as a distraction during your session, seriously, no drama ladies. This is about your mesmerizing curves and the effervescent glow of your skin, not who is dating whom and who said what to whom.

DON’T: Bring someone who needs to be the center of attention – this is about you after all. Remember, you are the lead character and they are the supporting character, make sure you cast their role correctly or there will be a power struggle.

DON’T: Bring a perfectionist. You will want feedback from your companion, but as with all things, there must be a balance. Your sidekick should be able to prioritize efficiently, while innately understanding why it is important to pick her battles when it comes to your boudoir costuming and posing during your session.

DON’T: Select someone who you don’t feel comfortable acting sexy in front of. Boudoir is as much about acting as it is about lipstick and stilettos. You will need to relax, move with confidence, and flirt with the camera if you’re going to get that jaw-dropping centerfold pose with that heart-throbbing, sultry gaze.

***Now is probably a good time to mention that we are a ladies only boudoir company, so don’t bring a guy friend or significant other. This policy is for your comfort and also the comfort of our photographer.

If you choose to bring a friend, a boudoir shoot will provide some quality time for you two and lots of glamourous memories to celebrate together for years to come. After your shoot, go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant or get a glass of wine at a swanky bar. You will have lots to talk about and your hair and makeup will already be done! A shared boudoir experience is sure to deepen your bond as friends.

When it comes to both your experience and the creative direction of your boudoir shoot, it is important you decide if you want to fly solo or bring a companion to your boudoir session. If you do decide to bring a friend, make sure you are prudent in who you select. If you choose to fly solo, trust that your photographer will be there for you every step of the way.


XOXO – Sariah, a CYS Photographer

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