We’re proud to announce our partnership with Project Beauty Share, to assist in their efforts to bring personal hygiene, cosmetics, and beauty products to women in need.

How does it work?

Project Beauty Share collects donated items and delivers beauty products to nonprofit organizations who serve woman and families in difficult situations. They may be overcoming homelessness, suffering from addiction, or rebuilding their lives due to abusive relationships.

Monetary donations are used to purchase items for distribution, such as bar soap, feminine products, toothpaste and more. Donations also assist in funding the operational efforts of Project Beauty Share, so they can continue to carry out their mission to assist women and families in need. For a list of acceptable items for donation, visit their website.

How can I help?

A portion of all sales from Celebrate Your Sexy products and images will be donated to funding Project Beauty Share efforts. By purchasing an album, calendar, or one of our many boudoir products, you’ll be helping to bring beauty and hygiene items to marginalized women in shelters and organizations across the US.

To learn more, visit projectbeautyshare.org.