Self Confidence by Cassidy

How to show confidence and look natural in your boudoir photography session

Meet Cassidy, one of Celebrate Your Sexy’s Image Consultants. When she’s not on the phone guiding our clients through their photographs, she’s probably laughing and sticking a funny comic to her cork-board in the office. She recently had a photo shoot done with Celebrate Your Sexy, and gives us some tips on confidence for the camera. 



What made you decide to do a photo shoot?

Cassidy says she did the photo shoot for herself. “I’m at a point in my life where my self confidence is at its worst.” Cassidy is one of Celebrate Your Sexy’s Image Consultants, one of the lovely ladies you view your photos with once you’ve had your boudoir photography session.”I spend every day talking these beautiful women up, and telling them how they should love their flaws because that is what makes them perfect, and I started questioning why I was so hard on myself.” She says she booked the photo shoot to see if someone else would be able to capture something she wasn’t seeing in herself.



What was the experience like?

Cassidy says her biggest fear leading up to the photo shoot was thinking she would hate every image. “As soon as I got to the studio, my photographer instantly calmed me down. I don’t know if it was her reassurance, or how she seemed so confident in the poses…” Cassidy noticed her photographer was clued in to small details, like flyaway hairs or hand placement. “She knew exactly what to do, and I trusted her with the entire process,” she says, noting that she was scared and excited the whole time. 



Luckily, once Cassidy saw her images, it made the whole experience worth it. “I was shocked by how many of them I absolutely loved,” she says, remarking how uplifting and eye-opening it was to see herself in a different light. “I’m so excited to have these forever because this whole experience was something that I needed at this time in my life.” 



What are your tips for other ladies out there struggling to get their confidence up for the camera?

“Take the time before the photo shoot to find the outfits you feel most comfortable in,” she says. “Your photographer is going to help showcase the beautiful parts of your body, so it’s a lot more fun and easy if you’re confident in the outfits you’re wearing.” When all else fails, Cassidy says, “fake it ‘til you make it. Self-love is a process, and I think these photo sessions are a huge step in the right direction!”




Thanks Cassidy, we love ya!