Should I wear lingerie for my photoshoot?

Probably one of the most common questions we get asked is: What should I wear for my photo shoot? Traditionally boudoir photos portray women in lingerie, however, there is no rule dictating what you should wear. Our goal as boudoir photographers is to make you feel beautiful, and portray who you are. Every woman feels comfortable in different outfits; we do not expect you to wear lingerie like other women. When choosing your outfits keep in mind that you should wear something that makes you feel sexy and represents who you are. We have seen our customers wear lingerie, sports team jerseys, uniforms, jackets, or any clothes they considered significant to them.

Your outfit is one of the most important elements of your session. What you wear can make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Like most of our customers,this is probably a new experience for you, so it might be difficult to think of clothes to wear. We created a gallery with examples that we think will help you.

We hope these ideas inspire you to choose an outfit that makes you feel sexy. Do not forget that you are free to choose the clothes that you love. If you have questions regarding your session you can contact us over the phone or by email. To see more outfit ideas, visit our gallery.