The Single Woman’s Perspective: Confidence and Strenght

“The daily swiping through emails seemed routinely mundane when an image of a beautiful woman filled the screen. Of the countless similar images that I’m bombarded by, there was something different about this one. The woman exuded through the lens a sense of strength along with her beauty. I thought to myself, ‘I would love to feel that way.’ And so be it, I signed up for the CYS experience.  My motive as a single woman was to capture my inner beauty and strength and have it translated to empowering images.”

“I was very nervous, having the all too familiar beliefs that ‘I’m not sexy enough’ to do this.  The photographer quickly put me at ease with her understanding and patience.  What I didn’t expect to happen was how much fun I had.  I felt safe, playful; almost a little reminiscent of playing dress up as a little girl. The session lasted an hour and I was sad to see it end.”

“To those who are contemplating doing this, JUST DO IT.  Whatever the reasons: husband, lover or yourself, the outcome is the same, a feeling of confidence and self-satisfaction.”

– Miss H