Sunburns & Spray Tans

The Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Boudoir Photography

Summer is almost here, and many of our gorgeous CYS clients have their photo shoots scheduled for the months ahead. We sat down with Lindsey, our Lead Retoucher, to ask her advice about the do’s and don’ts of summer boudoir photography.

Lead Retoucher Lindsey

What does the retouch team at CYS do?

We make sure your images look perfect before they’re sent off to print. All images our clients’ purchase go through retouching to remove bruises and blemishes, and fix color. Some clients will order additional retouching, which can range anywhere to removing a stray hair to changing the color of your lingerie! Whatever the requests are we really have fun with them, as every client is different.


What things can I do to help prepare for my photo shoot?

Stretching and hydration! The biggest complaint I hear from coworkers who have done their boudoir photo shoot is how sore they were afterwards! Some poses really require you to get that arch in your back and you might have to hold it for a few seconds to get that perfect shot. Doing a few leg and back stretches in the days leading up to (and especially a little bit before) your photoshoot will really help loosen you up. Water will help with that as well, plus we always look and feel our best when we are hydrated.


Boudoir preparation sun burn skin
Boudoir preparation clear skin


Should I get a spray tan before my session?

No! We all want to have that glowing skin, especially for a professional boudoir photoshoot, but spray tans often look splotchy and orange on camera and you will end up spending more than expected on retouching to correct it. If you have gotten a spray tan and it hasn’t quite turned out how you want it, or you find yourself with tan lines, don’t worry! We have several retouching options available at your viewing and ordering appointment that cover that. The same goes for sunburns. This is the time of year where everyone wants to go out and enjoy the sun but don’t leave your sunblock behind! Retouching costs can really add up. But don’t forget, our photographers are professionally trained in lighting and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much your natural skin tone can glow!


I’m pretty pale, and I want my skin to be a little more tan for my photo shoot. Since I want to avoid spray tans and sunburns, how do I give myself a little more tint?

No worries at all! If you invest in additional retouching, we can add a natural, glowing tan to your skin! We use various techniques to enhance your natural color to get the best tan for your skin tone. Your image consultant will be your guide you during your viewing and ordering appointment, and she will explain everything about the various levels of retouching.


Boudoir preparation tan skin
Boudoir preparation clear skin


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