CYS Boudoir Love Notes
“From start to finish, my experience was entirely
professional, enjoyable, and very special. I worked
with Donae, and I could not have been more pleased.
Her expertise is guaranteed to result in stunning photos
for absolutely anybody who works with her- she strikes
a perfect balance between working with her subject's
natural creativity while giving very clear and specific
posing instructions so that anyone, no matter their
level of experience, will look completely natural. I
am very thankful to have had such a positive and
inspiring experience with her!”
“I worked with Susan a few months back and I just
LOVED her. She was so full of energy and creativity. She
put me at ease right away. My daughter turned 30 and
I am about to hit 50 so we booked together as gifts to
ourselves and we both loved the experience. She had
her shoot first and she was glowing when she came out,
she said she couldn't wait to do it again. I was so nervous
going in but that all slipped away within the first few
minutes. I was amazed with Susan's attention to detail
and the ability to capture the little things.”


" This was an amazing and beautiful experience! My photographer made me feel like she was someone I knew for years! I was so comfortable and relaxed, and she talked to me about what I liked and what made me feel beautiful... My photos are STUNNING!!!! The entire process from booking to viewing the photos was a highly enjoyable experience "

“The photographer was amazing. I was
super nervous and she made me feel
very comfortable. It was a good
“This was my very first time doing a Sexy
photo shoot for my husband. I was so
nervous and didn't know what to expect.
I arrived at the 4 star hotel and it was
beautiful. I waited for my photographer
Gretchen to come down and take me
up to the room. She was so sweet and
helped me out a lot. She made me feel
comfortable and sexy. I had a blast doing
this photo shoot. I really recommend this
to every woman out there who wants to
feel sexy and show off to their man.”


" What a great experience! My photographer was such a lovely person and really helped me work through the "awkward." My fiancé loves the pictures and it was a great dose of pre-wedding confidence! I would highly recommend this experience to anyone wanting to do something special for someone they love or for themselves! "

“I had a wonderful experience with Celebrate Your
Sexy. They were very professional and made me feel
beautiful. This was a gift for my husband and I wanted
the photos to last a lifetime. Scheduling my photo
shoot was easy and they were very accommodating.
The photographer was so great – she made me feel
comfortable and I had a wonderful time! After that,
there was a photo consultation where they took me
through all of my photos. They turned out amazing!
I am so pleased with my experience and would
recommend them to anyone.”
“Women need to always remember to celebrate their
sexy and once they have that in mind they can be
comfortable and confident in their skin. My experience
with CYS was wonderful and my photographer was so
nice and professional and easy to talk to. Being around
women for it is more comforting in this setting no matter
your comfort levels with your body. If I could do it again
I’d bring my veil and more shoes for the different lingerie
I wore although the ones I had were fairly versatile. Also,
watch a marathon of America’s Next Top Model just to
get yourself in that headspace.”


" I decided to book a session to do something sexy for my boyfriend of 10 years and I was really nervous. When I arrived at the hotel, it was beautiful and my photographer made it so comfortable for me and kept me laughing throughout the shoot. She was very professional and very nice. I would definitely book another session in the future. It was a great experience and I loved getting all dolled up and looking sexy! "

“I just had my photo shoot and let me tell you, it was
fun! It was also pretty empowering as I explored my
comfort in my own skin. When you're a bigger person
the world tells you that you are less than ideal. Society
tells you that your extra curves are unacceptable, and
well-meaning (yet judgmental) loved ones warn you
that a man/woman won't be able to look past your
looks to really love you. SCREW THAT!!! Tonight I felt
like the goddess I am and I got to have fun doing it!
Thank you Celebrate Your Sexy!!”
“I had a photoshoot this morning and I am still talking
about how much fun i had! i have never felt so
comfortable and beautiful. My photographer Jill was
amazing! I would recommend her to anyone! This
company is amazing and can't wait for my fiancé to
see the pictures! If anyone has ever thought about
doing a Boudoir photo shoot this is the company to
go with! From beginning to end it was the best
experience! If I could give it more than 5 stars I

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