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Miss M testimonial - CYS Love notes

Miss M


“Hello amazing CYS Ladies! What an unforgettable experience to work with your entire team from beginning to end. The initial consultant, photographer, sales consultant and others along the way made my CYS experience truly memorable. I can’t wait to receive my prints. The images were just gorgeous-good lighting helps. I just turned 40 and this experience was not just a surprise gift for my husband for our 10-year anniversary, but a gift to myself. I have my mojo back and felt beautiful, classy and sexy during the session. I know every time I see my images I will be reminded of the strong career woman, wife, mother, daughter and friend I am.”



Miss A Boudoir Testimonial

Miss A

“CYS made me feel so so beautiful, and I would get a photo shoot done every week if possible. They helped raise my confidence, especially after losing weight and still not feeling “good enough”. If you are scared, or nervous because of how you look this is the perfect way to get outside of your box and bring your confidence to a whole new level, plus you don’t have to be completely naked! I recommend these ladies 100% for all boudoir photography.”



Miss M testimonials - CYS Love notes

Miss H

“The daily swiping through emails seemed routinely mundane when an image of a beautiful woman filled the screen. Of the countless similar images that I’m bombarded by, there was something different about this one. The woman exuded through the lens a sense of strength along with her beauty. I thought to myself, “I would love to feel that way.” And so be it, I signed up for the CYS experience. My motive as a single woman was to capture my inner beauty and strength and have it translated to empowering images.”



Miss D - boudoir testimonial

Miss D

“I had a wonderful experience with Celebrate Your Sexy. They were very professional and made me feel beautiful. This was a gift for my husband and I wanted the photos to last a lifetime. Scheduling my photo shoot was easy and they were very accommodating. The photographer was so great – she made me feel comfortable and I had a wonderful time! After that, there was a photo consultation where they took me through all of my photos. They turned out amazing! I am so pleased with my experience and would recommend them to anyone.”



Miss C testimonial - CYS Love notes

Miss C

“Women need to always remember to celebrate their sexy and once they have that in mind they can be comfortable and confident in their skin. My experience with CYS was wonderful and my photographer was so nice and professional and easy to talk to. Going in I knew there’s no funny business to this photoshoot. Being around women for it is more comforting in this setting no matter your comfort levels with your body. If you’re shy around new people I’d suggest bringing a friend to break more ice and silence but I went solo. If I could do it again I’d bring my veil and more shoes for the different lingerie I wore although the ones I had were fairly versatile. Also, watch a marathon of America’s Next Top Model just to get yourself in that headspace. ;)”



Miss C boudoir testimonial

Miss C

“Celebrate your Sexy is all about finding your inner sexy and bringing it to life. I loved everything about my experience from the beautiful location to the helpful photographer. Being in the modeling industry you don’t come across many photographers that are helpful or nice. She made me feel comfortable and confident while shooting. If I were to do it again I would bring more clothing options and practice looks in a mirror prior to arriving. Do something before the session to calm your nerves, then your pictures will come out more natural as opposed to a stiff robot.”



Miss E testimonials - CYS Love notes

Miss E

“I’m so glad I chose to use Celebrate Your Sexy for my boudoir photos. I was a little nervous with it being my first boudoir shoot but once I got there and met my photographer, I immediately felt at ease. Nikki was amazing and instantly made me feel comfortable. I felt so sexy, beautiful and empowered. It was such a high. Celebrate your sexy means embracing yourself as a whole and being happy, confident, and comfortable in your skin. I seriously loved everything about my photo shoot and can’t wait to do it again. If I could do it again, I would choose different outfits and a more vintage style. I would definitely consider being a lingerie model after this shoot. If you are thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, do it! Such an amazing endorphin rush and makes you feel so good. I just can’t explain the high that it gives you and it’s the biggest gift of self-love that you can give to yourself. ”



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