Why Boudoir? Because You’re Worth It!

Are you wanting to experience the empowerment, confidence, and self-love that comes with a boudoir photo shoot but find yourself hesitating to actually call us and get scheduled?

It seems like many women see our gorgeous images and read our testimonials and know this is something they want to experience once (or maybe twice) in their life. A boudoir photo shoot becomes a bucket list item but is always something on the “someday” list.

The renewed sense of confidence our clients feel when walking out of their photo shoot, the way they feel when they first see their gorgeous images, the thrill they get when gifting these sexy, intimate images to their special someone … these are all things we want EVERY woman to experience! Here’s a list of reasons why you should forget “someday” and book your own photo shoot today!

Why you deserve a boudoir photo shoot? CYS previous clients
  1. Because You’re Single!

    Ending a relationship is never easy, but renewing your self-confidence through a boudoir photo shoot is the perfect way to make a fresh start. This is your chance to show yourself – and the world, if you want! – that you are beautiful, sexy, powerful, and worthy.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single, and a boudoir photo shoot is the perfect way to flaunt what you’ve got!

  2. Because You’re a Mother! (Or Soon to Be!)

    A woman’s body is a beautiful, amazing, strong thing and this is never more evident than during pregnancy. You’re making a human, mama! Celebrate your body and this new chapter of your life with a boudoir photo shoot. Maternity boudoir is amazingly gorgeous and such an incredible way to capture this special time in your life. Whether it’s your first baby or your tenth, you and your body are doing amazing things and should be celebrated!

  3. Because You Kicked Booty and Got In Shape!

    You didn’t skip the treats and eat kale because you liked it. You’ve been working hard to get in shape and there is no better way to celebrate your hard work than by doing a boudoir photo shoot and showing it all off. You’ve earned it!

  4. Because You’re Getting Married!

    Probably one of the most popular clients we see for booking a boudoir photo shoot is the bride-to-be.  A beautiful, intimate album of your sexiest images is the ultimate groom’s gift for your wedding day. Do it for you, but give it to him!

  5. Because You’re Only This Age Once!

    Whether you feel that you’ll never be this young and hot again, or you feel that you’ve still got it going on, now is the time to celebrate you! You’re beautiful and that’s worth celebrating!

  6. Because You Love Yourself!

    We spend so much time focused on our families, our work, social media, the news … we, as women, often don’t take the time to actually take care of ourselves. Taking a day to be pampered by a professional stylist, to get dressed up in sexy outfits, to be the center of attention, and to feel sexier and more confident than you’ve ever felt is something EVERY woman deserves! It’s not selfish to focus on yourself. It’s necessary.

  7. Because It’s Fun!

    You can go to the movies, spend a day shopping, grab coffee with a friend, treat yourself to a pedicure, or do any multitude of things that bring you joy. But do any of these things end with gorgeous images of yourself that show you how amazing you are? Boudoir is FUN! It’s empowering, sexy, thrilling, and different than anything else you’ll ever experience. You spend an hour or two having an amazing time with your photographer (who will feel like your new BFF when you’re done) while wearing beautiful lingerie and outfits that make you feel amazing. And in the end, you get to choose from a bunch of stunning images of YOU to take home and look at anytime you need a reminder of how amazing you are.

  8. Because You Can Afford It!

    With our Groupon deals starting at $19, you can afford to treat yourself to this amazing experience for less than you spend each week on your daily lattes.


We often hear from women who want to book a photo shoot but want to lose weight first. Or have nobody to give the images to. Or who feel like they aren’t a model so they could never do this. We’re here to tell you that you can, you should, and you will love it. And we can’t wait to work with you!

Now that you’ve made up your mind about getting your own boudoir session you might want to check our lingerie style guide to find the right outfits for you!