Hot Mama: Why Every Mom Deserves a Boudoir Photo Shoot

We all remember the macaroni necklace days. Mother’s Day has been a holiday in the U.S. since 1914, observed as a holiday honoring motherhood. The day is interpreted and celebrated around the world in a variety of ways, and typically celebrated by presenting mothers with flowers, cards, and gifts.

The question is, what do you really want this Mother’s Day? A boudoir photo shoot might be the perfect way to treat yourself.

All week long, you take care of everyone else around you. If you work all week, it’s your boss, your co-workers, your employees. If you’re a mom, you’re probably busy with kids, their sports, scheduled activities, and school calendars. You might also have a significant other, or family members you care for. When was the last time you really took time for yourself?

For this Mother’s Day, we reached out to several of our mom clients to see what their boudoir photo shoot experiences were like.


mothers day boudoir photos

“I’m a mom of three – as a mom – sometimes I have a hard time doing things for myself. Doing a boudoir photo shoot felt amazing – feeling like I’m still sexy and loving my body as it is today. It was a great confidence booster and I’m so glad I did it!”
– Miss A

“My boudoir experience was great with boosting my self-esteem and confidence in myself as a mother. I was feeling insecure about my body and how I looked. Once I saw my photos I fell in love with myself all over again! I’m still beautiful, smart, sexy and confident!”
– Miss S

mother's day boudoir photo
female boudoir photo shoot

“My experience was amazing. As a mother, you sometimes lose track of YOU, because you are always so busy putting others first…this gave me my groove back. I felt like a goddess and it made my confidence come back. Thank you for the experience and for reminding me of the sexy, badass that I am!”
– Miss A

“ As a Single Mom of two teenage girls, my CYS Photo Session helped me to model to my girls that EVERY body is beautiful in it’s own unique way and should be valued and celebrated, no matter how many curves. I also think it is important to be able to acknowledge and talk openly about our Sexuality as being part of who we are as human beings – it is not a dirty secret, but a beautiful gift and part of who we are as women. Thank you, CYS, for helping me to do this as a Mom and for making it fun and fantastic at the same time!”
– Miss J

mature boudoir photos
women boudoir photo shoot

“I never do anything for myself, and doing the photo shoot was amazing for me. It’s a total confidence booster! I’d just say, step outside your shell and just go for it. It’s funny ‘cause I’m pretty shy, so it took a while for me to just go for it…and even though I did my shoot over a year ago, I look back on it and I think I am proud and amazed at what I saw…it’s like I was a different person in those pictures. There’s something freeing about it!”
– Miss R


How will a boudoir photo shoot change how I see myself?

You’re not just a mother, you’re an intelligent, gorgeous, accomplished woman. We truly aim to show women’s inner strength, beauty and confidence through the lens of boudoir photography.

A boudoir photo shoot is your chance to feel good about your body, and yourself! Your photos will be a reminder through the stressful days ahead of just how beautiful you are. If you want to gift an album or a set of photos for a loved one, that’s great too, but this experience is all about your chance to see yourself in a new light.

Why Mother’s Day?

You’re always so busy taking care of everyone else – isn’t it time to take care of you? How often do you even have time to look in the mirror, take the time to do your hair how you like, or take an afternoon for yourself? Boudoir photography is designed to be the ultimate confidence boost. It’s our chance to show you how beautiful you are.

When you call to book with us here at CYS, we’ll set you up for a photo shoot at one of our 45 locations nationwide. You’ll either be scheduled at one of our beautiful studio locations, or in a five star boutique hotel suite. After meeting you in the lobby, our female photographer will greet you, take you up to the room, and you’ll have a chance to showcase four outfit choices in a variety of poses. Don’t worry, all our photographers are trained specifically in boudoir photography, and they’ll be able to coach you all the way!

Browse our Gallery to see examples of our stellar boudoir photography, email info@celebrateyoursexy.com with any questions you have, and call (800) 352 – 7664 with code ‘Hot Mama’ when you’re ready to treat yourself to a boudoir photo shoot. Happy Mother’s Day from Celebrate Your Sexy!

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